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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Did you know . . .

After much thought and after being attacked by another PTU company for contacting their artists I decided to take the time to compile a list of each company and their artists which were shown on their sites in the wee hours of the morning.

I should have been placing tubes on backgrounds, and many other things including sleeping, but this has been niggling at me in the back of my mind since these 'attacks' and 'commentaries' began so last night I decided since I've had a migraine for over a week and couldn't sleep anyway that I should spend that time trying to figure out

1)  how many PTU companies there are and
2)  how many artists are signed to these companies

There are currently eleven (11) PTU companies including ADI with a total of 577 artists between the 11 companies.

If you take into account approximately 5 of the 577 artists are "cross licensed" with other companies that still leaves 572 artists.

We all know that this number increases and decreases daily, artists moving about from one company to another making it incredibly difficult for the PSP groups, taggers, etc. to keep up and it is frustrating to them and understandably so after I took the time to check this out.

You may wonder why I did this.  I did it because I am honestly getting pretty tired of being raked over the coals by one PTU company for sending emails to their artists.

I would have to devote my entire life to doing nothing but updating artist lists just to prevent sending an email to an artist who may have already moved to another company, gone independent or FTU.

None of this accounts for the artists who DO NOT acknowledge on their websites that they are being represented by a PTU company which would be helpful for all of us.

I truly hope that the company who is enjoying condemning ADI for contacting their artists (unknowingly I might add) does realize that they have probably contacted ADI artists as well, since not all ADI artists have shown us as representing their work for tubes.

Accidents happen, even if you have ALL the information, just in the time that I was compiling the information last night, one company added 2 artists . . .

It is an impossible task to keep up with who is where 24/7/365 and NOT contact an artist who is represented.

This information also does not take into account ANY artist who has been approached by a company, any artist who has signed with a company and has not been announced yet.

Just food for thought for the day.




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