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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Kiss Me I'm Irish

For this Tutorial I am using the work of
If using these tubes make sure you have the proper licenses.
You can purchase her work from

I am using a “FTU” Scrap kit “Kiss Me I'm Irish”
you can find this kit at

Any mask you like should do well.
I am using 'Monti's Circle Mask'
You can find at

Filter you will need is FM Tile Tools

Lets get started …

New Image – 800 x 800
Color: White

Open Paper 3 - Reize to 800 x 800

copy – paste as new layer

Layers – Load /Save Mask
Load Mask From Disk

Create Mask from : Source Luminance
Orientation : Fit to Canvas
Options: Hide all mask

Merge Group

Open Paper 1 - Rsize to 800 x 800
As seen above
Copy and Paste as new layer

Open Frame 2 – Resize 700 x 700

Copy/Paste As New Layer

Highlight Paper 1 – Resize 85%

Add your tube Above the frame
Resize if needed
I resized mine to 75 %

Highlight Open Frame 2
Click inside with your Magic Wand
Selections . Modify . Expand by 3

Selections – Invert (Crtl+Shift+I)

Highlight Paper 1 – Delete
Deselect - Ctrl+D

With paper 1 highlighted,
Effects – FM Tile Tools – Blend Emboss

Add Clover Charm 1 move it on the frame, you can move it  wherever you want .
Highlight the Clover Charm
Eraser Tool
Size 20%
Erase the top part of the charm.

Merge down Tube & Charm to Frame
Drop Shadow
V-1 . H-1
Opacity: 45
Blur: 3
Color: Black

Now  if needed
Resize 85%

Open Glitter . Paste as New Image
Resize to 600 x 430 pixel
Check All Layer

Highlight paper 1
Copy – Paste Glitter as new layer
Duplicate . Merge Down (Glitter layers)
Duplicate – Mirror – Merge Down (Glitter layers)

Duplicate – Flip – Merge Down (Glitter layers)
Then Mirror one last time

Highlight Top Image and add your extra's
I added Gold Coins and Wordart 2 from the kit.
Close out Glitter, Mask, & Background (x) out

Merge Visble

Remove the x from Glitter, Mask & Background.

Now resize your tag to whatever size you want
I resized mine to 500 x 500

Adjust – Sharpness – Sharpen

Now new layer and add you copyright info. and your name.

Now for the Animation

Highlight your Glitter layer
Adjust – Add/Remove Noise – Add Noise

Gaussian – 25% - Monochrome Checked

Merge Copied

Open You Animation Shop
Paste As New Animation (Ctrl+V)

Back to PSP
Adjust – Add/Remove Noise – Add Noise
Gaussian – 25% - Monochrome Checked
Merge Copied
Same as above

Animation Shop
Click on your first frame
the click
Paste After Current Frame

Back to PSP
Adjust – Add/Remove Noise – Add Noise
Gaussian – 25% - Monochrome Checked
Merge Copied
(Same as above)

Animation Shop
Click on your last frame
the click
Paste After Current Frame
(Same as above)

Save as a Gif.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial would liked this tutorial.
Would love to see your results.




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