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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sailor Gurl Tutorial, Snags & IM STATS Featuring Artwork of Al Rio

For this Tutorial I am using the work of

This is a PTU Tube.
If using this tube,
make sure you have the proper licenses.
You can get this tube at

I am also using the Scrapkit called “Beach Heaven”
this is a FTU Kit you can find at

I am using Mask from “Scrappy Bit Of Fun”
Mask 75
You can use any kind a mask you like.

You will no Filters

Lets get started ...

New Image 600 x 600 Transparent

Open paper 5
Copy – Paste as new layer
Close Original paper

Layers – Load/Save Mask - Load Mask From Disk
With setting as below.

Layers - Merge Group

Open paper 1 copy – paste as new layer
Close Original

Open frame 1 copy – paste as new image resize 512 x 500
close original
copy – paste as new layer

Let move paper 1 where you want it,
(what you want to be showing inside the frame)
Highlight your frame
Magic Wand – Click inside your frame

Selections – Modify – Expand Selections by 5%

Selections – Invert
Highlight paper 1
Delete – Select none (ctrl+d)

Now highlight background mask

Open Palm tree 2 Copy – Paste as new image
Close original

Resize your palm tree to 248 x 499
Copy – paste as new layer
Image – Free Rotate (ctrl+R) 15% right
All Layers unchecked
Duplicate – Mirror
With Palm Trees highlighted with eraser tool
Erase the bottom part of the tree's so the won't be showing
Merge down and give a Drop Shadow

V & H: -2
Opacity: 75%
Blur: 6.00

Now add Sand resize 85%

Open Boardwalk Sign copy – paste as new image
Close original
Resize 400 x 400 copy – paste as new layer
below the sand so the bottom is in the sand
Duplicate your frame more one above the sign
Use your eraser to erase part of the frame so the
sign is showing.

Open your tube resize if needed
Add your tube.
Add same Drop Shadow
Close Original Tube.

Now new layer and add you copyright info. and your name.
Merge Visable
Save as “Png”

Would love to see your results.


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Please do not change the file name or claim them as your own.

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